About Us

Kalfin is a rail investment company active in sub-Saharan Africa, focused on rail freight investment, financing and leasing with capabilities in the form of rail operations, rolling stock financing options, including operating leases, secured debt financing and purchase leasebacks.

Where We Invest

We understand clearly that railways are not the sole solution to all transportation challenges. As such we selectively concentrate on segments and operations where railways can effectively bring higher efficiency and lower costs than other modes: moving high volumes of  passengers or goods over a given distance. 

Accordingly the main focus areas for our railway investments in Africa are: 

Major African Metropolitan Areas

  • Urban and suburban passenger railways.
  • Densely populated areas and corridors.
  • High volumes for freight or passengers possible

Corridors From Ports To Inland Markets 

  • Freight trains moving containerised or bulk materials from/to ports over long distances.

Major Mining Basins 

  • Freight trains moving minerals and other raw materials to export ports